Revealing extraordinary medical evidence that alcohol is good for you

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The relentless message from the medical authorities is that booze is bad for our health. Doctors advise us to lay off the drink because it causes a whole range of diseases - from liver problems to cancer…. or so they say.

However, over the last thirty years, medical science has been accumulating a mass of evidence showing that the demon drink may in practice not be terribly harmful (at reasonable intakes), and indeed has a whole range of beneficial effects on our health – findings which the medical profession have been keeping very quiet about.

Science writer Tony Edwards has spent months rigorously combing through thousands of these scientific papers – many published in prestigious medical journals. He has uncovered evidence not only that alcohol’s perils have been overplayed, but also that people who drink within sensible limits enjoy substantial health benefits in a long list of conditions – including even cancer.

The result is The Good News About Booze, a book which leading British cancer expert Professor Karol Sikora says reveals “surprising evidence of obvious benefit from alcohol. Of course, the book will be labelled as controversial”, he says, “ but its value is that it could lead to a much better understanding of all the complex issues involved in alcohol and health. Here you have all the data you need to make your own decision about how much and what to drink.”

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Using evidence from solid scientific research by world experts, the book answers:

  • What are the real health risks of drinking ?
  • Why do some people become alcoholics?
  • When’s the best time of day to drink ?
  • Why do men get a 'beer belly' ?
  • Are units really the best way to measure our drinks?
  • Does alcohol really put on weight?
  • Do men and women handle alcohol differently, and if so why ?
  • Which is best for your health: wine, beer or spirits - and why ?
  • How much should you drink to prevent health problems like these:?
    • Dementia
    • Diabetes
    • Osteoporosis
    • Prostate problems
    • Kidney Stones
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Heart Disease
    • Common Cold
    • Mental impairment
    • Arthritis
    • Erectile Dysfunction (no kidding !)


And most astonishingly of all..                    

How much should you drink to live longer ?

                                                   Comments from leading international alcohol experts:

                                                 "Exceptionally well-written book, informative yet very entertaining.  
                                    More important, it provides very well-balanced conclusions to the wine/alcohol/health issues."
                                                                  Dr Curtis Ellison, Professor of Medicine and Public Health,                  
                                                                         Boston University School of Medicine, USA


                                                       "Congratulations ! Very impressive work, indeed.
                                     I will share its message with a number of Danish colleagues who are working on these issues"                           
                                                                                Professor Thorkild Sorensen,
                                                                                    University of Denmark

                                                    “Recommended reading for doctors and a great majority of their patients.
                                               Although full of facts, it deals in an understandable way with the research quoted         
                                                                    and is, in my view, accurately presented.”    
                                                                                         Dr. Thomas Stuttaford,
                                                                                   Leading UK medical columnist  


Chapter Headings

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bad News
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. The Body: Arthritis; Bones; Kidneys; Naughty Bits; Naughtyish Bits (men only)
  6. The Brain: Brain Power; Declining Brain Power
  7. Losing Weight
  8. Beer Belly
  9. Living Longer
  10. Gender and Genes
  11. Avoiding Alcoholism
  12. Even Better News about Wine
  13. EBN about Beer
  14. EBN about Spirits/Liquor
  15. Reflections In, On and With a Glass

Appendix 1 Truths, Half-Truths and Statistics; Breast Cancer
Appendix 2 What should Joe Public be told ?​

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